Coming Back to the Video Games World


So, I can enjoy video games again. After spending the last five years studying as hard as I could for College, I’m able to come back to the video game world. Coming back to video games raised one question, which game console should I buy? Two companies are part of my childhood: Nintendo and Sony. I had a SNES as my first game console, but have to admit my favorite consoles were my PS1 and PS2. Unfortunately, I had to skip the PS3, at least, in its current generation. Before choosing which console buy, I had the opportunity to try my roommate’s Wii U and Xbox 360, and oh my gosh, how games such as Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros are so much fun. However, I didn’t fall in love with the Wii U. There are few games available, the tablet controller is a little bit unnecessary, games are really expensive and they rarely have discounts on our favorite retails. Considering all these facts, there was no better choice than buying a Sony console. I made some research and decided skip the PS3 generation and jump to the next. I bought a PS4, and this game console just blows my mind. Games such as The Last of Us Remastered, GTA 5 and FIFA 15 (I’m still Brazilian and soccer is much more than a sport for us) are really well done games. I still feel the PS4 has a small library, but it can be considered normal for almost any brand new console. But, I was still missing something. The last generation seemed really cool. I read some reviews and decided to buy a PS3 too. No regrets anyways. Bioshock Infinite, God of War III and Red Dead Redemption are already among my favorite games ever. Coming back to gaming was one of my best choices recently. What have you guys played in the last few months? Let me know on the comments.