Games Are Not Just Games


Games are not just games. What I mean by that is a game can go far beyond a bunch of pixels on the screen. I got this idea based on one of my favorite games ever. Believe it or not, I’m talking about Crash Team Racing (most known as CTR) on the PS1. Some of my friends have never played this game. They actually made fun of me, few weeks ago when they showed up at my apartment and I was playing it on my PS3. In the very same room (which I usually call game room), I can play a game called Mario Kart 8. What I can say about Mario Kart 8, the game is close to perfect. Graphics look gorgeous on the Wii U, they are shinny and clear, the controls are perfect, the game is really fun and they actually released a DLC that worth my money (which really surprised me considering a bunch of incomplete video games we’ve gotten last year, waiting for gamers buy the DLC and actually have the game that should be released at first shot).

What cannot be compared between the person playing Mario Kart 8 and CTR are the emotions it brings to me. When I used to play CTR, I was a kid. I have none responsibilities in my life. I had a sweet hollow in my brain that allows me occupying it with my favorite games. People are also an important aspect of it. I used to play CTR with my cousins, we are almost the same age, and playing with these guys is something that I won’t ever forget. I remember spending entire summer breaks playing CTR with them, not only CTR but we also played Vigilant 8 2nd Offense, Winning Eleven something (we love soccer as I mentioned in my first post), Bomberman 5, so on and so forth. These moments are unforgettable.

The person playing Mario Kart 8 doesn’t have the same time to enjoy games at all. Right now, life is kind of messy. Just broke up, deciding whether or not getting my Master (and even where), missing family and close friends, and some other fishy stuff going on. The fun of playing Mario Kart 8, which I recognize being much superior than CTR is not the same. The emotions involved in playing both games are much different, the video game played in a good moment of your life, is much more than what the game really is by itself. Crash Team Racing is not only a good game for me, but also brings so good memories that the game is able to be more enjoyed than the incredible Mario Kart 8. As I started this idea, games are not only games; games are pieces of memories that brings emotions for players. This is one of the reasons we appreciate them so much.


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