Different Country = Different Life

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I have decided to write about other things besides videogames in this blog. It has been a lot of stuff going on recently. Have just moved back to my hometown in Brazil two months ago. I can already tell how life is different down here. First, there are many positive points about being in my city. Family and close friends are always around. It was something that I usually missed in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, I just love all my American, Chinese and Latino friends that I’ve met in the USA, but have to admit I was missing my really close friends. Otherwise, expressing ourselves in a second language is not the same, but it is a topic for other post. However, being in Brazil brings a lot of problems that I have got over in the USA. The traffic jams are one of the worst things here. I lived in San Francisco for 3 months during a summer internship, and the traffic is not even close to my hometown. It is kind of funny, because I actually work for the same company in Brazil doing the very same thing. I have goggled it, and I live further from the office in San Francisco than in my hometown. But, as you can guess, I spend one more hour to get to work here than in San Fran. It is really annoying.

Furthermore, Brazil has a lot of things to learn from the USA public transportation. I don’t understand why I cannot recharge my transportation card using my credit card. Believe it or not, they only accept cash. If you know me, you know how much I hate having cash in my pocket. Mainly, when I am living in a country that is not safe as the USA. Also, I got a really bad impression about the World Cup in Brazil after coming back. My city, Belo Horizonte, was one the host cities (actually the awful game against Germany was here). I was hoping for big changes on the transportation system in BH, but I’m really disappointed with it. We haven’t gotten any big changes in the transportation department. There are some big buses that kind of work in some cities in the Brazilian south. The government is even expanding those buses to the Olympics in Rio. However, they are completely useless in my city. They can make your life easier if you are going to the stadium. But for someone who needs to cross the city in order to commute to work, they have no effect in my daily life. Again, believe it or not, one of the biggest cities in Brazil does not have a subway system. Okay, the traffic jams were and still are my main nightmare about coming back to Brazil, but they are not the only one.

It is kind of difficult to feel safe in Brazil. I didn’t feel safe in San Fran either, but in Brazil things are far worst. I cannot quote Indiana, because Bloomington is probably the safest place on earth. Going to work and school carrying a Mac Book in my backpack, which costs thousands in Brazil, brings a fear that I haven’t felt in a while. This sensation is probably the result of being robbed twice in my neighborhood, which is considered one of the bests in BH. The last biggest point that I need to get along is the relationships with Brazilians. Brazilians are, and myself were very open to deal with people. But, after living for almost two years in the USA, I feel like it is not a good thing at all. It is probably easier to start a conversation with someone in Brazil than in the USA. Moreover, if you want to just get to know someone, Brazil is probably better than the USA. However, for a long-term relationship such as a friend or a girlfriend, it is not as good as in the USA. I’m not saying I don’t trust in Brazilians because they talk to anyone, but I feel like my relationships in the USA are stronger than those from Brazil, even though I was missing my Brazilian friends so much. If you read it, please, leave your comments below. Thanks for being here.